Abed 2 and the Magic Laser Crystal Meter Staff

On a dig, it always takes a bit longer to establish a good working relationship with the teenage workers than the older people. On my excavations in the Middle East, there have always been a few guys between 15 and 18 who are trying to establish themselves in the world as competent adults while still …

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Faiz the Funny Man

  There’s one of them in every group – the funny guy. The class clown. The guy that makes jokes and falls down just to get a laugh. In our own shabab this was Faiz. Faiz the Funny Man. In archaeology, sometimes there are really long days being outside in the hot Middle East sun …

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Trasha and the Shabab

It’s time to introduce our shabab! I love this photo. It shows what the majority of the Syrian people believe in and want - peace. Even long before the war.   Rasha and I combined our names and called our excavation trench ‘Trasha.’ It was so much more fun to say than ‘Area B Square …

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